David’s art career officially began after his formal training from the Pilchuck glass school, founded by Dale Chihuly, for the first time in 1999. There he studied the art of shaping and polishing under Mark Taylor. From this experience and work in the class David developed a unique style of cutting crystal based on his observations of crystal and ice and strived to exemplify their characteristics and enhance light in his creations. While attending college he began showing his work in local galleries and evolving his style. In 2004 after graduation, David attended Pilchuck again and continued to improve his sculpture techniques. His style became more detailed and precise.


Then in 2004, David got his break. He was commissioned to construct a five-foot sculpture of the Google logo out of his crystalline style for the office’s co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. This enabled him to move to San Diego and open up a studio.

In San Diego, David started to focus on smaller sculptures, candle holders, paperweights etc. At a farmers market in May 2005, a young lady asked David to transform one of the custom paperweights into a pendant, and that was it, David found his calling. He began to focus his unique signature techniques into the creation of his first brand called LEIGHTWORKS Sterling Silver Crystal Jewelry, which he continues today selling all throughout the USA in various museums, galleries, casinos, cruise ships, gift shops and other retail locations.  His work has been seen on Fox, NBC, KUSI and other new shows and also won Best Jewelry Fiesta Hermosa Beach, Labor Day  2011.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Taíssa Maleck began her career as a jewelry designer in 2002 working for the two biggest jewelries companies in Brazil, HStern, and Natan.


Her background includes a Master’s degree in Jewelry Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, in Italy, an MBA in Production Engineering with an emphasis on Production Management Technologies and Services, and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design.


When she lived in Italy, she also had the opportunity to be part of the team at a renowned Italian jeweler who serves clients such as Tiffany, Cartier and Montblanc. As a small business entrepreneur, she created her brand MY JEWELRY IS, developing exclusive collections and unique pieces for jewelry brands.


After moving to San Diego, California, she met David and was fascinated by his work. They started a brilliant partnership and created the TiO2 Crystal Jewelry, uniting their style and expertise to translate into a chic, charming and colorful jewelry brand.


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